Discovering my passion.

I discovered four months ago that I have a passion for fashion design. But not the fashion that you see everyday … they seem more like costumes!! Anyway, these designs describe and show who I am as a person, as a personality and what I want to do for the rest of my life!

735200_534731683373260_1183608108103074004_n2016-03-21 00.43.21_edited10407045_525997190913376_6637082980450374863_n12439169_542982859214809_1055979368085779217_n12472755_544440432402385_526274403183689612_n12565452_518609608318801_814630692102879239_n12650804_520003464846082_785064770108469101_n12669704_523057944540634_1273908309201535442_n12715589_524524617727300_5307741642352974044_n12991125_547037975475964_4626236709644467101_n13240102_215352592181691_6341164508767004697_n13331136_222624414787842_1496804807096733332_n13343108_567206506792444_563728028772554839_n13238908_218176168566000_4420148517640162086_n10330390_526806717499090_5821362815462136475_n12814630_530744830438612_4844735992093267482_n

xoxo soti_you xoxo


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